Heididorf (Heidi village)

A trip to the Heididorf in Maienfeld (Graubünden) is an unforgettable experience, and not only for the little adventurers. Nature lovers, history fans and animal lovers also stroll here along the paths of the world-famous ‘Heidi‘.

Travel back in time to the mountain world of the 19th century, visit Heidi’s grandfather’s original alpine hut and the many small museums and enjoy the varying choice of handicraft demonstrations, during which you can try your hand at sawing wood or watch traditional alphorn blowers in full swing.

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Cinematic performance in the Heididorf

From 21 to 30 August 2020, the Heididorf turned into an open-air cinema!

This year’s open-air cinema season opened with the Raclette Suisse Film Evening, and began directly with an emotional and stunning treat:‘‘Im Berg dahuim“ (At home on the mountain)!  
‘‘Milk, air and home for the soul. An alp summer on four Allgäu alps.“

The numerous visitors enjoyed the spectacular film show as well as the culinary raclette offering in the open air, and are already looking forward to next year’s event.