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Raclette cheese

Naturally lactose-and gluten-free

Raclette is lactose-free and contains no gluten. Due to the natural production of the cheese and the long ripening process, the lactose is removed completely.

A good mood and conviviality, varied side dishes and plenty of time for the guests - a raclette is perfect for this. Another plus: raclette cheese is naturally lactose-free - whether it‘s made from pasteurized milk, fresh raw milk or with aromatic ingredients such as pepper, paprika, truffles, garlic or bacon. Raclette cheese can therefore also be consumed safely and with pleasure by people who usually get digestive problems from lactose and suffer from lactose intolerance. 

Why doesn't raclette cheese contain lactose?
The natural cultures added in the production of the cheese have the particularity of degrading the milk sugar. Most of the lactose is converted to lactic acid after just 24 hours. After at least three months of cheese ripening, the remaining lactose is also used up. 

And what about gluten?
Gluten or “glue protein” is found in various types of grain. Only fresh milk, lactic acid bacteria, rennet and salt are used in the production of classic raclette cheese. Cereals are not used to flavour the popular Swiss national dish. That’s why raclette is also gluten-free.