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Raclette cheese


You don't need any culinary skills to prepare a raclette. It is absolutely suitable for beginners and delights novices and professionals alike. A raclette is so simple and quick to make that - if the grill wasn't so hot - you could even prepare it with your eyes closed or while half asleep. You may read a book or have a lively conversation with your neighbour as you prepare. The raclette practically makes itself and goes wonderfully with delicious accompanying ingredients. 

A raclette is a particularly good choice if you are planning a cosy evening ‘en famille’, with friends or all to yourself. It is suitable in winter, spring, summer and autumn. If you are hiking through nature with your backpack and want to eat something delicious on the way, or even if you don't have time or feel like cooking, you would like to eat indoors or outdoors, at the dining table, on the balcony, when camping or in the garden, or if you don't want to do a lot of washing up afterwards.  

To cut a long story short, it makes sense: a raclette is always good!

Here you can find out everything you need to know about preparing a raclette.

What you need to buy
Allow 200 to 250 g of cheese and the same amount of potatoes per person. 
The traditional accompaniments are pickles, silver onions and baby corn. But the range of accompanying ingredients is almost endless. Try seasonal fruits and vegetables. In spring and summer, cherries stewed in a little balsamic cream (with salt, pepper, sugar and a few rosemary sprigs) go wonderfully. Or raw peach slices and thyme. Figs are also good. 
In autumn and winter, grapes, apples and pears are delicious. The latter two are also suitable for caramelising. 
Other options are canned fruits, mushrooms, fresh salads, juicy cherry or dried, pickled tomatoes, nuts and mustard fruits.
As a refined touch, use an exquisite raclette spice, e.g. Saint Luc from our shop, or ordinary pepper. 

With raclette, the dining table becomes the kitchen. This is where everything happens. All you need to do is turn the grill on and off. 
But first make sure to prepare the potatoes beforehand. It is best to use medium to small potatoes. Boil them with their skins for about 35 minutes until just tender then keep them warm. You can now choose from a nice selection of warming baskets made of felt, fabric or even wicker. 

Herbal or black teas are popular with raclette because they stimulate digestion. A dry white wine, a rosé or a light red wine is also a pleasure with raclette. Another tasty option is sparkling apple juice.

The high point – the raclette
Take the cheese out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before eating. If you like, you can scrape off the rind a little, but DO NOT cut it off, because it gets nice and crispy when it melts and tastes deliciously aromatic.
Place a raclette slice in the pan and let the cheese melt, but not for too long, so that the creamy and full-bodied aroma can develop without fat separation.
If you like, you can place a few ingredients directly on top of or under the cheese in the pan.
Once the cheese has melted, use the raclette scraper to tenderly slide it onto the plate (directly on top of or next to the potatoes) and enjoy the potential variety of your chosen ingredients.

No doubt about it, a raclette is not a light and airy dish. That's why a four-tier buttercream cake after the meal might be a tad too much. A fresh fruit salad or a refreshing fruit sorbet is the perfect way to end the meal.

Good to know

Best raclette leftovers
If you have a few slices of raclette cheese left over, make a sandwich with it the next day or use these fine leftovers for casseroles or for topping toasts. Wrapped in cling film, your leftover cheese will keep for about a week.

Recipe example: Hot sandwiches with raclette cheese (trilogy)

The aroma of raclette cheese is a great pleasure, but not so much the next day. If you want to banish the scent of cheese from your home, put cloves on a lemon or an orange and the beautiful raclette meal will only be a memory, not a smell.

If you soak cheesy dishes, pans and cutlery in cold water for a while, pre-clean them lightly, put them in the dishwasher or wash them with hot water and washing-up liquid, they will be ready for use once again, quickly and easily. You can wipe the raclette grill with a damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid.

The raclette grill
These come in all colours and shapes. The traditional model is the large, electrically operated raclette grill, which is a standard fixture for many households. The small grills that work with rechaud candles and fit into any backpack are suitable for travelling. They are also perfect for the balcony, the garden, the riverbank or on a hike. The Vulcano grill, which melts the raclette within 3 minutes with burning paste and is also an ideal appliance for just one person, offers special wind protection. There are models for every situation, fancy, small and inconspicuous or pompous like the Raclette wood grill or the "Super" model, for showing off to guests.

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Vulcano raclette grill - defies stormy gusts. Perfect for an outdoor raclette

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"Twiny" raclette grill – works perfectly with rechaud candles