«Raclette cable car»

On 21 February 2020 TRAUFFER, a well-known Swiss dialect singer, inaugurated Switzerland’s first suspended ‘Raclette-Stübli‘ cable cars on the Firstbahn in Grindelwald. A great party! Over 1,000 visitors enjoyed their raclette cheese, offered by Raclette Suisse, on the snow-covered slopes.

TRAUFFER unveiled the new «Raclette-Stübli» cable car and prepared the fine melted cheese for his travelling companions at a lofty height.

TRAUFFER enjoyed the melted cheese too, personally served portions to the guests in turn, raced on sledges with the little ones, and was always on hand for photos and autographs. Just as in the maxim:‘‘Es Raclette mit Fründe isch immer guet!‘‘ (A raclette among friends is always great).

Raclette get-together in the cable car.

Sledging fun with TRAUFFER.

Magnificent view from the First in Grindelwald.

Raclette cheese freshly scraped directly onto the bread.