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Swiss raclette cheese: you can also enjoy the rind

We leave the cheese rind on with our fine Swiss raclette cheese to melt, because it offers pure enjoyment. The raclette loaves are usually washed with fresh water before sale, so that only a small part of the so-called grease (brownish-red cheese rind) sticks to the loaf. This gives the cheese that certain something when it melts. If there is too much grease, it can be easily scraped off with a scraper. 

The Raclette Suisse® brand guarantees the following quality features:
• Traditional production uses the best Swiss milk and without controversial additives 1 (E numbers).
• The raclette cheese from our Swiss producers is naturally ripened for at least 3 months. Its taste is spicy-pure with a typical aroma and has a fine, creamy consistency.
• Best melting properties and selected ingredients for the flavoured varieties!

Thanks to this purity guarantee from the Raclette Suisse master cheesemakers, you can enjoy the delicious and crispy rind. Positive side effect: there are no sections that have to be thrown away (no food waste).

So, when buying raclette cheese, look out for Swiss quality from our members and convince yourself of the excellent quality.  

1 Swiss cheese is made without the use of artificial additives. The cheese manufacturers have committed themselves to this as part of an industry code. This came into force in November 2002 and has been renewed several times since then. By voluntarily renouncing artificially produced colourings and various antibiotic preservatives, the use of which - as in the EU - would also be permitted in Switzerland - the domestic cheese industry is sending a clear signal in favour of the naturalness of its product. This waiver gives consumers the guarantee that they will not compromise when purchasing Swiss cheese, but will instead choose a natural quality product.