Raclette with beef fillet

Raclette with beef fillet


Serves 4

Raclette grill and pans

Meat and marinade:
8-12 beef fillet medallions, about 2 cm thick, either whole or halved depending on pan size
4 tbsp oil
1 pressed garlic clove
1 tsp finely chopped or dried thyme

600-800 g Raclette cheese, sliced
2 small red sweet peppers, cut into thin strips or rings
Thyme for garnish


15 minutes
In the raclette oven

Preparation: 15 mins

1. Marinate meat for 1-2 hrs in oil, garlic, thyme and pepper.

2. Fry meat on grill. Place cheese and sweet pepper strips in pans and grill until cheese melts. Top with meat and garnish with thyme.

Author: Antonia Koch