Raclette with pomegranate and citrus fruits

Raclette with pomegranate and citrus fruits


for 4 serves

Raclette oven and trays
or small grill pans and grill

800 g sliced raclette cheese
2 - 4 citrus fruits, e.g. oranges, grapefruit or lemons
1 pitted pomegranate
Pink pepper 
1 kg parboiled potatoes, hot


1. Fillet or peel 1 citrus fruit and cut into slices.

2. Place raclette cheese in trays, let melt, season. Garnish with citrus slices and pomegranate seeds. Serve with potatoes.

Tip: For filleting cut away the top and bottom up to the fruit pulp. Cut away the peel up to the pulp. Then cut out the fillets with a sharp knife between the membranes.

Nutrition [Translate to Englisch:] Eine Portion enthält 909 kcal, 51 g Eiweiss, 46 g Kohlenhydrate, 57 g Fett

Author: Antonia Koch