Chicken Tortillas with Raclette

Chicken Tortillas with Raclette


For 2 persons

250 g chicken breasts
¼ teaspoon salt
freshly ground pepper
frying butter or frying cream
350 g ready-seasoned frozen vegetable mix, e.g. «Provence» mix
250 g Swiss Raclette cheese, cut into small cubes
4 wheat tortillas, ready-made, available from large retailers



15 minutes

1 Cut chicken breasts into thin slices, season, slowly fry in frying butter. Add frozen vegetable mix, stir mix in the pan until defrosted, pour vegetables and chicken into a sifter, let drain and cool. 

2 Add cheese cubes, mix all the ingredients, spread onto tortillas, roll them up. Wrap the tortillas in baking or greaseproof paper and chill until ready to be served. 

3 Heat up wrapped tortillas in the microwave oven at full power for 2 minutes. Cut wrapped tortillas diagonally in half and serve immediately. 

Instead of tortillas, use 4 thick omelettes. 
Heat up wrapped tortillas for 10–15 minutes on the centre rack of the oven preheated to 150 °C.


Nutrition [Translate to Englisch:] Eine Portion enthält 943 kcal, 65 g Eiweiss, 50 g Kohlenhydrate, 54 g Fett