Mediterranean raclette with chicken

Mediterranean raclette with chicken


for 4 serves

Raclette grill trays or
Raclette oven and trays

400 - 600 g sliced raclette cheese
2 grilled chicken breasts
250 g halved cherry tomatoes
2 finely sliced peppers
1 bunch basil
Pepper and paprika



8 minutes

Cut grilled chicken breasts into slices. Place raclette cheese in a grill tray and top with chicken breast, cherry tomatoes and peppers. Let raclette cheese melt, then garnish with basil. Season.

TIP: Serve with jacket potatoes from the grill (cooking time - around 30 minutes).


Nutrition [Translate to Englisch:] Eine Portion enthält 453 kcal, 42 g Eiweiss, 6 g Kohlenhydrate, 29 g Fett

Author: Antonia Koch